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Platypus replied to the topic 'Dusy-Ershim Trail Ride' in the forum. 2 years ago

I think the campground thing was based on availability, if there was not available at voyager campground, and then primitive camping in the parking lot was going to be the alternative. I may be wrong but that was what Ryan and I discussed. I am going to try to get Steves cell phone number. It's OK with everybody else I will start a group text message. Just for the drive up so we can stay in touch. If Cell phone signal is shitty when we get close to trailhead then River to VHF for CB channels.
Rob, are you still planning on trailer dropping at the end of the Trail for camping at the trailhead?
, You're leaving at 3 AM on Wednesday? You will get there way before me or my brother I hope to be there before it gets to be sunset. Will probably leave around 11 AM or noon.


Platypus thanked Ryan Connon in topic Dusy-Ershim Trail Ride 2 years ago
steve la rue replied to the topic 'Dusy-Ershim Trail Ride' in the forum. 2 years ago

camp ground sounds good to me
i think i will stay at parking area till the utah gang shows up so i can ride the back.
not sure on time it will take me to get there, but i think early afternoon you will see three truck with jeeps and trailers.


Raaaaaaaaab replied to the topic 'Dusy-Ershim Trail Ride' in the forum. 2 years ago

Platypus wrote:

Ok Dusy Ershim'rs, final logistics being updated. I'm getting excited. After some texts, phone calls, forum posts, and some local insider info...I think we have a concrete plan.

Thursday - We all need to arrive at the Maxon Campground trailhead parking lot. A large area for all of us to primitive came (but no campfires allowed).

If possible we will check out the actual campground for avail spots so we can have a campfire and such.
After we group up, those with non-street-legal jeeps (3 to 4 of us) need to trailer drop at the Maxon parking lot and drive our trucks/trailers to the Parking lot near the end of our trail. It is located near Badger Flats Campground and Kaiser Pass Rd. I think this is it on the map....if someone has an exact location let me know.

After dropping trailers/trucks off at trail's end. those with street legal vehicles will give us DMV dodgers a ride back to Maxon trailhead parking lot.

Friday - Pack up camp and kick off our epic adventure.

Saturday - uhh, more adventures...probably repairing some kind of carnage on my jeep.

Sunday - adventure continues and hopefully we are making good time ;) and reach the north end of the trail exit in time to load up our junk at the Badger Flats parking area and truck it down to Fresno for some dinner, a large alcohol-infused belly wash, clean bed, and probably one of the best showers you ever had.

Monday - High fives, goodbyes, and talk of our next trip back some day.

Where did you get the "Maxson Parking" info from? I am seeing that there is an actual campground just passed the "Maxson trailhead" called "Voyager campground"... I have seen several groups say they stay at "Voyager"..

Read the directions..

I want to make sure were all showing up to correct place. eh


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